Closing Speaker

Closing Speaker: Judy Frank

Judy is the President and Founder of Vortexology, a sales performance, sales management and business coaching, training, and consulting company that creates high performance, results-focused, winning teams. After 30 years of building and leading sales organizations for 3 Fortune 50 corporations, doubling and tripling revenue year over year, she now focuses her energy to help sales professionals be the best they can be. She empowers them to achieve higher levels of success by leveraging their unique strengths using proven field tested sales skills and processes to shorten the sales cycle, and develops strategies for growth. She delivers sales coaching for individuals, teams, and companies, sales training of skills and techniques, and consulting services to companies to optimize their sales organizations. Judy's commitment is to help you achieve results that were previously beyond your line of sight. Inspiring, motivating, and elevating you to reach your next level of greatness and enabling you to realize your full potential. 

Originally from Philadelphia, Pa., Judy now resides in the bay area and rewards herself with hiking, biking, Pilates, and yoga.