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Fresh Organization Leadership

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How to Lead the FRESHest Organization on Campus

FRESH student organizations focus on developing the positive culture that produce productive people. This interactive training lead by Frank Kitchen, will provide you with the  traits needed to be the student leader who creates the student organization everyone on campus wants to be a part of.  He will teach you how to RECRUIT the right people; RECOGNIZE how to properly utilize their talents; create avenues to RETAIN their services and REWARD their achievements. You will learn the recipe needed to make your student organization FRESH!

Participants will learn:

  • The seven traits possessed by highly productive leaders
  • How to create a productive and unique leadership style
  • Innovative and imaginative approaches for recruitment and retention
  • Creative approaches to motivate volunteers and members

Presenter Info: Frank Kitchen

Frank Kitchen

Hello, my name is Frank Kitchen. I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and author. My FRESH recipes on Life and Leadership Educate, Elevate and Empower students, educators, volunteers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to “Live FRESH.” A philosophy that challenges people to be Difference Makers and Life Changers. My keynotes, workshops and trainings have inspired individuals and organizations create the positive and productive environments people desire to be in.

My Life and Leadership journey began in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. My father was in the United States Army and I grew up as a “military brat.” My family constantly relocated around the world during my childhood. The continuous travel provided diverse experiences and an interesting life. Our travels taught me how to connect with people and gave me visual examples of what life has to offer.

Wanting a college degree, I embarked on a twelve year adventure to earn my Associate of Arts Degree from Lakeland Community College (Ohio) and my Bachelor of Arts Degree from David N. Myers College (Ohio) in Business Administration with a Marketing Specialty. To pay for my education I served as college student leader; performed as a children’s birthday party entertainer; managed a toy store; moonlighted as a professional actor and model; volunteered for various charities and worked as College Student Activities Assistant Director.

Every occupation provided me with leadership opportunities that impacted my life and the lives of the people I worked with in positive ways. Seeing my passion for servant leadership, my family, friends, and students, challenged me to leave my college position to pursue the unpredictable career of professional speaker and business owner.

To date, I have shared the successes and failures of my Life and Leadership journey with individuals from around the world. I have been blessed with the opportunity to share the knowledge I have earned as college student leader, educator, entrepreneur, entertainer and author with major corporations, schools, colleges, universities, professional associations, conventions, conferences and civic organizations in the United States, Canada and Australia.

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