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Leadership In Action Capstone Program

Leadership In Action

Applications for the Fall 2017 Cohort are open! Apply Today!

The Leadership In Action Capstone Program is an experiential development course for students who have received Tier 2 Bobcat Leader Certification.

LIA Office Hours (KL 350):
  • Thursday, August 31st, 1-3pm
  • Wednesday, September 6th, 10-12pm

Students in the Leadership In Action Capstone Program will integrate the leadership skills, knowledge, and capacity they developed in BLS and PAWS and create a program to benefit the campus or the surrounding community.

Students will meet with Souza Center staff to develop their program and will receive up to a $150 grant upon approval. In addition to their program, students will read an article of their choosing each month; submit reflections, and a final reflection paper.

In order to complete this program, receive certification in Bobcat Leadership Tier 3, and receive a Leadership Center stole for graduation participants must complete each of the following tasks:

  • Implement their program
  • Complete 3 monthly reflections
  • Attend 2 of the monthly meetings or 1:1 check-ins with Souza Center Staff
  • Read 3 articles on leadership
  • Submit a 5 page final reflection/research paper
  • Complete a LinkedIn profile
  • Have their resume reviewed by a Career Counselor

In total you will have to have submitted 4 reflection papers by the end of this program: 3 monthly reflections and 1 final reflection/research paper.

Fall Cohort:

Capstone program applications must be submitted to the Souza Center no later than 12pm on Friday, September 8th. If approved you must be prepared to start working on your capstone project on Monday, September 11th. Final reflection papers will be due no later than 8am on December 11th. Exceptions to these requirements are allowed only upon approval from the Margo F. Souza Center Director.

Project Requirements/Restrictions:

  1. Projects must be connected to a current or new RCO on campus.
  2. Projects must be new or intend to significantly expand an existing program.
  3. Projects must involve active engagement with the campus or Merced community.
  4. Projects may not involve collecting donations of money or goods.
  5. Project funding may not be used for incentives, prizes, or thank you gifts.

If you have questions contact the Souza Staff at