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Individual Awards

UC Merced Leadership Awards Nominations are Open!

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Below you will find the descriptions for individual awards, click on any award to go to its page which contains question prompts and the scoring rubric summary.

Legacy Award: The Legacy Award recognizes a student graduating during the 2018 year (undergraduate or graduate) whose influence, ideals and activities throughout their college career have left a lasting, positive impression on the institution and raises the standard of excellence for future generations. More than one recipient may be awarded.

Distinguished Leadership Award: This award recognizes an undergraduate student who demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in the past academic year. More than one recipient may be awarded.

Outstanding Graduate Student Award: This award recognizes a UC Merced graduate student for exemplary leadership, service and commitment to our campus community.

Organization President of the Year: This award recognizes a UC Merced club president or primary officer who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the organization’s purpose and the community served by the organization. The recipient has demonstrated extensive involvement in campus and community programs and has positive relations with members and officers of the nominating student organization.

Inspirational Bobcat Award: This award recognizes an organization member who has made significant contributions to their organization, but not as the elected leader of that specific organization.

Social Justice Leadership Award: This award recognizes a student who has advocated for equity and inclusively while positively impacting the UC Merced campus and surrounding community.

Outstanding Advisor Award: This award recognizes a student organization advisor who demonstrates a strong commitment to the activities, education and development of the organization and its members. (Note: Staff members whose official job responsibilities include advising of the club are ineligible for this award)

Margo F. Souza San Joaquin Valley Mentor of the Year Award: This award recognizes the work of a Central Valley community member who has offered significant mentoring to the students at UC Merced. Margo Souza will present the Mentor of the Year Award recipient with a $1000 award.