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Distinguished Leadership Award

Distinguished Leadership Award

This award recognizes an undergraduate student who demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in the past academic year. More than one recipient may be awarded.

To apply, all applicants must be undergraduates in good academic and judicial standing with the university.

Please answer all categories in 250 words or fewer. Nominations with answers of more than 250 words will not be considered.

Question Prompts (minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to apply):

  1. Explain why the nominee deserves to be recognized with this award;
  2. List nominee's involvement during the 2017-2018 academic year at UC Merced;
  3. Give examples of how the nominee advanced their personal leadership skills during the 2017-2018 year;
  4. Explain, with examples, how the nominee advances the leadership development of others

Scoring Rubric Summary: Possible 20 Total Points

Cumulative GPA (4 possible points)

Advancing the Leadership of Others (5 possible points): Nominee provides significant opportunities for the growth of other students. Examples: Hosting an educational event, Presenting at a campus event, campus committee membership.

Impact of On Campus Involvement (5 possible points): Application demonstrates nominee's impact on the club, campus, Merced community, and individual student.

Advancement of Personal Leadership Skills (5 possible points): Nominee participates in various leadership development activities. Examples: P.A.W.S Leadership Seminar, Social Justice Retreat, conference attendance.

Reviewer Discretionary Points (1 possible point)