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Organization President of the Year

Organization President of the Year

This award recognizes a UC Merced club president or primary officer who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the organization’s purpose and the community served by the organization. The recipient has demonstrated extensive involvement in campus and community programs and has positive relations with members and officers of the nominating student organization.

To apply, all applicants must be in good academic and judicial standing with the university.

Please answer all categories in 250 words or fewer. Nominations with answers of more than 250 words will not be considered.

Question Prompts (minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to apply):

  1. List the contributions the nominee has made to their organization, UC Merced, and the Merced community;
  2. Describe how the nominee remains committed to their organization's purpose while maintaining their involvement in other extracurricular activities;
  3. Describe the nominee's leadership style/method using detailed examples;
  4. Explain how the nominee develops or maintains relationships with students, officers and advisors involved in their organization and discuss how these relationships lead to the organization's success, using specific examples;
  5. Give one example of how the nominee has displayed ethical leadership and integrity during their term as president

Scoring Rubric Summary: Possible 21 Total Points

Cumulative GPA (4 possible points)

Leadership Style (4 Possible Points): Employs one or more of the 7 C's in the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.

Leadership Impact (4 possible points):  Nominee's leadership has had a significant impact in their organization and in the campus community.

Ethical and Outstanding Leadership (4 possible points): Application demonstrates nominee's ethical and outstanding leadership and commitment to UC Merced and the surrounding community, through teaching, research or public service.  Examples: impact on the club, campus, Merced community, and individual student.

Relationships with Group Members (4 possible points): Application demonstrates nominee's desire, ability, and commitment to engage with officer and member involvement, development, and education.

Reviewer Discretionary Points (1 possible point)