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Social Justice Leadership Award

Social Justice Leadership Award

This award recognizes a student who has advocated for equity, access and inclusivity while positively impacting the UC Merced campus and surrounding community.

To apply, all applicants must be in good academic and judicial standing with the university.

Please answer all categories in 250 words or fewer. Nominations with answers of more thanĀ 250 words will not be considered.

Question Prompts (minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to apply):

Definition of Social Justice: The concept of social justice is a process as well as a goal. According to Adams, Bell and Griffin in "Teach for Diversity and Social Justice," social justice envisions a society in which the distribution of resources is equitable and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure; one in which individuals are both self-determining and interdependent.

  1. Explain why the nominee deserves to be recognized with this award;
  2. List nominee's involvement over their tenure at UC Merced, highlighting social justice contributions;
  3. Provide one example of how the nominee demonstrates a commitment to equity and access at UC Merced;
  4. Provide one example of how the nominee facilitates and encourages the acceptance of diverse views, backgrounds and experiences

Scoring Rubric Summary: Possible 17 Total Points

Cumulative GPA (4 possible points)

Advocacy for Equity and Access (4 possible points): Application describes one or more times when the nominee advocated for equity and access for others.

Inclusive Leadership (4 possible points): Application describes nominee's ability to include others. Examples: Recognizes multiple perspectives, explores issues of identity, engages with diversity, strives to create a socially just campus.

Inclusive Group Development (4 possible points): Nominee participates actively in campus events on diversity and social justice. Examples: Social Justice Retreat, Women's Programs Events, Pride Week, Reel Talks, Violence Prevention Programs.

Reviewer Discretionary Points (1 possible point)