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Outstanding Advisor Award

Outstanding Advisor Award

This award recognizes a student organization volunteer advisor who demonstrates a strong commitment to the activities, education and development of the organization and its members. (Note: Office of Student Life staff and staff members whose official job responsibilities include advising of the club are ineligible for this award)

Please answer all categories in 250 words or fewer. Nominations with answers of more than 250 words will not be considered.

Question Prompts:

  1. Explain why the nominee deserve to be recognized with this award;
  2. Describe the nominee's role and participation in the club/organization;
  3. How does the nominee advance the ethical and educational development of members (Please provide one or two examples);
  4. Explain how the nominee improves the overall student experience

Scoring Rubric Summary: Possible 13 Total Points

Role or Participation in RCO Functioning (4 possible points): Application describes nominee's level of active engagement with the RCO and openness to communications.

Advance Ethical and Educational Development of Members (4 possible points): Application describes nominee's involvement in RCO issues and shares examples of the nominee's commitment to the growth of members.

Promotion of the Overall Student Experience (4 possible points): Application sites examples of nominee's involvement in the overall college experience of officers and/or members.

Reviewer Discretionary Points (1 possible point)