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University Friends Circle Community Service Organization

University Friends Circle Community Service Organization

This award recognizes a student campus organization for exemplary service in the UC Merced and surrounding community. The University Friends Circle will present the Community Service Organization recipient with a $1,000 award to support continued service efforts.

Established in 2008, University Friends Circle (UFC) is an affiliate of UC Merced with over 160 members.  It is open to anyone who supports the mission and activities of the organization. The UFC mission is to forge strong relationships between UC Merced and communities of the Central Valley through programs that promote social and intellectual interaction, and fundraising that supports UFC scholarships.

Please answer all categories in 250 words or fewer. Nominations with answers of more than 250 words will not be considered.

Question Prompts:

Note: Finalists are invited to interview for this award

  1. Please describe the one, off-campus service project in which the nominated organization participated that resulted in the greatest impact to Merced County. Please include:
    • What was the project?
    • Why was this project selected?
    • What was the identified community need?
    • How many members were involved in the project?
  2. What was the impact of the off-campus service project? Please Include:
    • What was the impact to the community?
    • Who and how many persons benefited?
    • How did they benefit?
  3. Which community organizations, businesses, and/or agencies participated or collaborated on this project?
  4. Explain any additional ways that this organization contributes to the Merced community;
  5. List any additional campus and community involvement;
  6. What processes or plans have been put in place to ensure the continuity of this organization? Please be specific in your examples.

Scoring Rubric Summary: Possible 10 Total Points

Off-Campus Project (3 possible points): Nominee organization is involved with one or more projects in the Merced area which addressed an identified need or a related set of needs.

Impact on Merced Community (3 possible points): Nominee organization's project(s) had a significant, measurable impact in addressing the identified community need(s) and created a ripple effect beyond the actual project(s)

Leadership (3 possible points): Nominee organization's level of involvement in the planning and execution of the off-campus project(s).

Reviewer Discretionary Points (1 possible point)