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Closing Speaker

Closing Speaker: Lisa Safran

Lisa SafranLisa Safran has over 15 years experience in training and development. Lisa believes that when it comes to training, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Prior to launching Improv Consultants in 2010, Lisa was a teacher and taught grades 3-5. Her greatest passion was finding ways to bring the curriculum alive for her students. While working overseas in Thailand, Lisa developed a program to use improvisation to build literacy and used that curriculum to write her first book, Reading and Writing Come Alive! Her second book, Executive Presence Improv Style supports business leaders in developing the confidence they need through interactive exercises.

In addition to education, Lisa has a background in theater and improvisation making “fun” an operative word when it comes to the programs she facilitates. Lisa Safran is the President and Founder of Improv Consultants, providing experiential professional development training programs to individuals, businesses, and teams.

She works collaboratively with her clients to support customizing training and coaching programs and has had the pleasure of working with Genentech, Sephora, Microsoft, HP Inc., Kaiser Permanente, and the University of California, amongst others.  

As a training strategist, Lisa helps her clients strengthen communication & leadership skills, and develop healthier teams through training and team building programs. Lisa has had the pleasure of working with cultures around the world and living overseas twice in her lifetime; so far. When not facilitating corporate programs, Lisa enjoys playing music (she has produced two CDs Dreams that Matter by the Bitter Mystics, and Walking on a Cloud by the Squiggle Jams) and hanging out with her very small dog, Nellie!