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Dr. Sara Henry

Founder & Chief Wellness Officer, WellnessLifestyle

Dr. Sara Kathleen Henry spent over a decade working in higher education as a university administrator before launching WellnessLifestyle, a mission-driven venture inspiring wellness as a way of life and educating high school and college students on the importance of developing a foundation in health and wellness for a lifetime of academic, personal, and professional success. She created a leadership development curriculum grounded in 10 core wellness values and provides coaching and training to both students and professionals.

Sara served as the Director of the UCSD Express to Success Programs (later renamed the Center for Communication and Leadership) at the University of California, San Diego from January 2005 to June 2011, then as the Director of Student Organizations and Leadership at California State University, Sacramento, and later served as the Interim Associate Dean of Student Activities at City College of San Francisco. In these positions, Sara continually worked to enhance college student success and well-being by designing and facilitating programs and workshops on a wide range of topics. Sara shifted directions in her career when faced with the tragic loss of both parents to terminal cancer in 2014 and 2015. She stepped down from her position at City College and moved home to provide care to her mother and father in what time they had left, and it was during that year that Sara made a commitment to spend the rest of her life empowering others to make a more positive impact in the world by establishing a strong personal foundation in health and wellness.

In addition to her professional experience, Sara earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Arizona State University, and later went on to earn her Master of Arts in Postsecondary Educational Leadership at San Diego State University and her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies with a dual emphasis in Higher Education Administration and Organizational Leadership and Consulting at the University of San Diego. Her academic background included extensive coursework in student and adult development theory, leadership theory and practice, organizational consulting and group dynamics, and qualitative and quantitative research methods. Sara’s dissertation explored the correlations between college students’ use of technology and social media and indicators of psychosocial well-being and sense of community on campus. She published a review of her research in an About Campus article titled On Social Connection in University Life and has presented her research at regional and national conferences. Sara stays actively involved in professional associations to further her own learning on current trends and issues affecting student success and well-being.

Sara is passionate about practicing wellness as a way of life and is deeply committed to helping others thrive and flourish. Her speaking and coaching focus is on helping others achieve greater health and happiness, build stronger relationships, and make a more positive impact in the world by establishing a personal foundation in health and wellness. Sara works with campuses and organizations to provide professional development to teams with a specific focus on building and strengthening a culture of wellness within the workplace for greater employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity, and as a result, a more positive impact on the community served.