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Bobcat Leadership Series Accelerator

Track Info

The Bobcat Leadership Series (BLS) is the first step in the 3-tier leadership certification program offered by the Souza Center. The Bobcat Leadership Series is a developmental program designed to answer questions such as "What is leadership?" "Who can lead?" and "What does it take to be a great leader?" by taking an in-depth look at the seven Cs of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Students complete this program by participating in 6 workshops, completing 1 hour of community engagement, and a reflection exercise.

Participants in this track will accelerate their BLS involvement by completing the first two workshops in the series. They can then continue to complete the series in the weeks following the conference. You can find more information on BLS at this link.

Presenter Info: Damaris Alvarez and Faustina Barnard

Damaris Alvarez is a third year student and second year intern in the Souza Center.






Faustina Barnard is a fourth year student and third year intern in the Souza Center. She is a double major in Cognitive Science and Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She completed BLS and PAWS in her first year and then completed Tier 3 through her internship with the Souza Center. Through her past experiences, self-reflection, and personal growth while at UC Merced she values accountability, empathy, self-reflection, self-confidence, and bravery. Her top 5 Strengths from Gallup are Adaptability, Restorative, Analytical, Individualization, and Input.