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Fearless Determination

Track Info

All of us face adversity.  We are challenged and told no by people who don't understand us.  Our race, ethnicity, gender, ability level, age, etc. have real impacts on the obstacles we face.  We have to rise above this adversity to realize our dreams, to impact positive change, and to overcome.  Through Fearless Determination, you will dive into stories of overcoming obstacles and learn core practices that will help you succeed in spite of the systemic and situational obstacles you will face.

In this track, Gyasi will help you identify the key elements of your personal story that can help you to push through the day to day challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of your very real goals.  You will also practice talking through your stories in a way that connect you to your greater community.

Presenter Info: Gyasi Ross

Gyasi Ross is an author, speaker and storyteller. Gyasi comes from the Blackfeet Nation and resides on the Port Madison Indian Reservation near Seattle. TV and radio programs and print and online publications regularly seek his input on politics, sports, pop culture and the intersections thereof with Native life.

Ross is the author of Don’t Know Much About Indians (but I wrote a book about us anyways) (2011) and How to Say I Love You in Indian (2014). “I come from a family of storytellers. My family tells long stories, drinking coffee and blowing smoke in your face. It just fit for me to tell stories, and then I started writing them.” He is in demand as a speaker on race, social justice and white privilege as well as issues specifically affecting contemporary Native Americans and guests on MSNBC, ESPN, Democracy Now and radio shows nationwide. Ross writes for the Huffington Post, Indian Country Today, Deadspin and Gawker. Ross has also released a spoken word/hip hop CD titled “Isskootsik (Before Here was Here)” on Cabin Games Records.

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