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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Darryl Bellamy - From Fearful to Fearless

Just a few years after earning his bachelor’s degree, Darryl Bellamy Jr., has earned kudos as a student success and leadership expert addressing audiences on campuses and at conferences and inspiring his peers to take action.

Darryl held internships with AT&T and SunTrust Bank during college, has worked for two Fortune 100 companies after graduation, and currently serves as the founder of Bellamy Inspires, LLC. He also works full-time as a Management Consultant, and recently served as a trainer with a National Leadership Training Co., where he has also addressed groups around the nation.

Darryl’s accompanying message is to encourage students to overcome self-doubt, set goals, and build robust and lasting relationships on campus in order to excel. His main goal is to inspire millions of students to DECIDE what they want, PUSH through fear, and DEFINE their Experience. He knows from personal experience that if students grasp and develop these skills in college, they will be unstoppable come post grad life. Darryl earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Darryl knows the difficulties in balancing a student workload while trying to plan for the future. He strives for each student to leave his programs with boldness to ignore their negative self-talk and start living their college experience on their terms.

Having helped thousands of students and professionals conquer their fears, we are excited to have Darryl at the 2018 annual UC Merced Leadership Conference!