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Bobcat Leadership Series 2.0

Bobcat Leadership Series 2.0

BLS 2.0 will take place weekly on Thursdays from 12-1pm in SAAC 211 starting on Sept. 19th.  Please make sure you can attend before you register.

You can register for the program here (Note: The form will close at 25 registrants so please make sure you are committed to participating)

BLS 2.0 is only open to students with Tier 1 Bobcat Leader Certification. You can obtain this by completing the Bobcat Leadership Series 1.0 or the first semester of the Yosemite Leadership Program.

The Bobcat Leadership Series 2.0 is a semester long leadership development experience focused on building on the learning that took place in BLS 1.0. Students in this program will explore the theory of Servant Leadership and ethical leadership. Students will also spend time further developing their CliftonStrengths themes and learning to create Strengths Based Teams.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this experience, students will:

  • Acquire knowledge about the concepts of servant and ethical leadership and servant leader characteristics
  • Increase their awareness of self and the people and events around them
  • Implement strategies to support the development of group members
  • Enhance their understanding of CliftonStrengths and how to develop Strengths Based Teams
  • Learn how to leverage their CliftonStrengths themes and those of others as a leader 
  • Assess strategies for impacting world challenges and needs