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RFK Young Leaders is a network of youth advocates on college campuses around the nation.

In Fall 2021, UC Merced launched the first RFK Young Leaders chapter in the state of California.

This program empowers students to become politically active and to advance human rights and social justice in their communities. Each chapter of RFK Young Leaders is student-founded and student-run. Through workshops and coaching, RFK Human Rights provides the training, tools, and resources students need to organize community action and, in the process, gain skills and experience that prepare them to rise through local systems of power. These students have led initiatives including get-out-the-vote drives, free HIV testing on campuses, and clothing drives to benefit shelters for homeless youth. The RFK Young Leaders National team also recruits and trains a team of campus ambassadors who serve in leadership roles across our network of chapters. Ambassadors are dedicated members of their individual chapters, appointed to serve by their fellow chapter members. They work directly with RFK Human Rights staff to provide data collection, support chapter leadership transition, recruit new members, and communicate student needs as they arise.

   RFK Young Leaders National Website

   Watch the RFK UC Merced Info Session

   Questions? Send us an email at Lead@UCMerced


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