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Office of Leadership, Service and Career

The Souza Leadership Center's Programs


The best way to learn how to develop leadership skills is to just dive in and try! Our programs that help you explore your identity, your strengths, and help you identify the way you want to engage in leadership at UC Merced. Everyone's journey is different. We're here to help!

Feel free to contact the Souza Leadership Center at LEAD@ucmerced if you would like guidance in planning out your leadership journey! A good place to start is the Bobcat Leadership Seminar, where we go into great detail regarding how to start or continue your leadership journey here at UC Merced! 

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The Souza Leadership Center's Leadership Experience Programs


Yosemite Leadership Program (2-year program) | Click here for more info

This program is a 2-year program focused on taking a deep dive into leadership and personal growth. Although there is an emphasis on environmental issues, this program discusses leadership in all industries and fields of interests. Students of all majors and interests are welcome and encouraged to apply!

Leadership & Service Living Learning Community (LLC) ( 1-year program) | Click here for more info

The Leadership and Service Living Learning Community is open to first-year students willing to commit themselves to exploring and developing their own leadership skills and style, understanding their personal values and learning how to ethically and effectively engage with and in the local community. Personal engagement on a weekly basis is expected.


The Souza Leadership Center Leader Development Programs


Bobcat Leadership Seminar (4-week program offered multiple times Fall 2020!) |  Click here for more info

The Bobcat Leadership Seminar (BLS) is great for students interested in exploring their identities as leaders and getting more involved in leadership at UC Merced and beyond. We welcome all students, whether you are continuing your leadership journey, or you've just begun! 

EMPOWER: Womxn's Leadership Development Program (6-week program) |  Click here for more info

This leadership program is open to all UC Merced students who identify as women/womxn. This program aims to empower womxn to overcome the challenges womxn face in leadership and show womxn how they can support each other in their leadership journey. We do this through 6 weeks of programming. 

THRIVE: Confidence & Resilience in Leadership (4-week program) | Click here for more info

This 4-session leadership development program being offered this summer to help our students, not just survive, but thrive as leaders and as individuals. We will focus on confidence-building, resilience, authenticity, owning our stories, and believing in ourselves as leaders! Confidence and resilience require specific habits we must work on everyday.  We'll go over those strategies in this program!

BOLD: Black Students Organizing for Leadership & Development (4-week program) | Click here for more info

BOLD is an interactive leader development program in which each workshop builds upon the others to create a universal understanding of leadership, unity, and advocacy from a global lense, but also with specific attention to the Black student community at UC Merced. We encourage all students who identify as Black and/or within the African Diaspora to apply!

LEAD Pre-Health  | Coming Spring 2021!

This program provides an in-depth overview of leadership needs in the Health industry, preparing students for leadership roles in public health to address health disparities, diversity issues, and leadership challenges of the 21st Century in our healthcare system (Partners: UC Merced Center for Medical Education and Health Sciences and the Center for Career and Professional Advancement). 

Distinguished Leadership, Service, and Career Certificate Program  | Coming October 2020

Prior to enrollng in this program, students need to have engaged in leadership, community engagement, and career-related activities. Once students have met all pre-requisites, students may register for the 6 program workshops that allow students to complete the finishing steps in their Leadership, Service, and Career journey here at UC Merced. More information will be published in mid-September! 

PERSPECTIVES: Global & Intercultural Leadership (semester-long) | Coming Fall 2021

This progarm aims to teach students important skills needed to lead in a diverse environment. We explore what leadership looks like from various cultural contexts! UC Merced students who have studied abroad will discuss what they have learned about leadership from their experiences. This is a partnership with UC Merced Study Abroad (though you don't have to study abroad to participate!). 

Additional Leadership Opportunties on Campus! 

The Souza Leadership Center helps you to develop leadership skills and develop in personal growth. However, the following experience also do just that! We encourage you to explore how you want to engage in leadership oppportunities. These are just some fo the countless ways you can engage in leadership on campus. Choose the path that suits your unique journey. Click here for more leadership opportunities