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Leadership Conference

The 2018 Leadership Conference was AMAZING!  
For those who attended: Watch out for FEARLESS-YEAR events!

What would you do if you conquered fear?  

Your Conference Experience

We in the Margo Souza Leadership Center believe you have incredible potential for greatness and to have immeasurable, positive impact on our world.  We know that there will be obstacles along the way, including overcoming your own fears.  The annual UC Merced Leadership Conference is an incredible way to invest in yourself for the future.  And this year, we're tackling our fears.  Our speakers were intentioanally picked because of their experience, their personal courage in their fields, and their belief in what UC Merced students are capable of.  

Come develop your skills for overcoming fears we all experience as leaders through one of the conferences intensive tracks.  Every participant will experience a powerful opening keynote with Darryl Bellamy, deep learning in an intensive track, a speaker panel with all of the speakers, and then TED-like closing sessions from each of our speakers.  A light breakfast, buffet lunch, and snacks will be provided throughout the day.  


One of our values is to be as sustainable and green as possible at the conference.  We invite all participants to partner with us by bringing their own reusable waterbottle to stay hydrated througout the day.  Visit our zero-waste event page for ways your can make this conference and our campus a little greener.


The conference is also designed to be accessible to everyone.  If you have a cultural accomodation or a accessibility accomodation that we may help to address, please contact

Leadership Conference Learning Outcomes

By attending the Leadership Conference overall, participants will be able to…

  1. Articulate a newly learned leadership skill that they can incorporate into their leadership tool kit
  2. Describe how they built a new relationship with a peer by networking at the leadership conference  
  3. Explain one way they will act in spite of fear using what they learned at this conference in their leadership roles

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