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Leadership on Campus

Bobcat Leaders in Action

Everyone has the potential to be a leader and the Margo F. Souza Student Leadership Center is a resource for both those who are at the start and those who are looking to continue their leadership journey. Please join us in celebrating and recognizing some of our Bobcats who take action! 

Spring 2024

Viridiana Hernandez, 4th year and Ide Isabeles, 4th year

President and Secetary of Undocupride

"We are a chapter of the largest youth led non profit organization in the country. Our mission is to support, advocate for and empower our undocumented, immigrant and queer students on campus. Our objective is to create a foundation essential to strengthening our undocumented community as well as to educate, inform, and provide resources."

"As a club led by undocumented and queer students, we understand firsthand the challenges faced by our communities, as well as the importance of having safe spaces where we can be ourselves and share our experiences with people who understand where we are coming from. 

We will continue to build, strengethen, and empower our undocumented students at UCM, as well as create safe spaces for undocu-immigrant and queer youth."

Miguel Craven, 3rd year

2023-2024 ASUCM President

"My name is Miguel Craven and I am president for ASUCM this year. My duties as ASUCM president involve: obtaining final approval for programs, organizing campus events, serving as the first point of contact for administration, working with clubs to help them with funding and organizing events, and collaborating with council presidents accross all UC campuses,meeting monthly to provide resources and collaborate with one another.

ASUCM is an independent body aiming to ensure equal representation amongst undergraduate and graduate students, promote student participation, and celebrate diversity in the university community by providing services and coordinating activities.

Our goal is to provide students with information and as many resources as we can in order to improve their experience at the university"

Jesus Santos, 4th year and Lindsey Tasumi, 3rd year

President & Treasurer of Bobcat Band

"Many students come to college and are shocked to realize that there aren't as many dedicated music programs offered on campus compared to high school, where there was often dedicated time for music. It's not exactlya culture shock, but for some, it is surprising to find that their college lacks opportunities to engage in musical activities. Throughout our history, we have performed on campus and all around Merced at events such as local games, senior homes, and numerous smaller community events. As such, Bobcat Band provies a fun and welcoming way to play music not only for yourself, but for the Merced community. We are here to serve as a space for students to pursue their musical interests on campus! 

Music ensembles actually have multiple levels of leadership involved. Each group of instruments usually has someone leading the group; the most senior player, who also serves as a mentor to the group when there are any players that need extra help so that everyone can play well together. 

In addition, there are also heads of the ensemble. These individuals, such as conductors or coordinators, oversee an entire ensemble. They ensure that all sounds in the band blend well together."