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Additional Leadership Opportunities at UC Merced

Interested in other local opportunities? UC Merced and the local Merced community have on- and off-campus opportunities to develop your leadership skills and experiences. See below to learn more!


Become a Resident Assistant | Click here for more information

Resident Assistants, or RA's, serve as leaders in on-campus housing by promoting safe and inclusive communities, coordinating activities to help residents connect, support residents and their safety, and more. Resident Assistants are overseen by staff in UC Merced Residence Education and serve a one-year term with a waiver for room and board and a stipend. 

“Areas I have experienced growth as an RA are my confidence, self-discipline, and leadership skills. These skills have helped shaped me into the hardworking/determined individual I am today. In addition, these skills helped me ensure that I am building a safe and inclusive living-learning community for my residents” - former Resident Assistant, Alma Morales Alejandre.

Lead with the Orientation Student Staff | Click here for more information

Orientation Student Staff are highly trained to increase their personal growth and awareness, focus on inclusivity, and lead the transition of new Bobcats entering the UC Merced community. This is an excellent opportunity to both lead and give back to the UC Merced community. Orientation is planned and facilitated by the UC Merced Bright Success Center. 

Become a Success Mentor | Click here for more information

Success Mentors support and empower first-year students to develop strategies and skills that will enhance academic, intrapersonal and interpersonal development and develop a sense of Bobcat pride! It's an excellent opportunity to lead others to personal success. The Success Mentor Program is planned and facilitated by the UC Merced Bright Success Center. 

Become a Peer Health Educator | Click here for more information

The mission of the Peer Health Educator Program is to encourage student engagement, connect students to resources, advocate for change, and educate students on ways to improve their health physically, mentally, and sexually, all while fostering diversity and inclusion. Peer Health Educators receive extensive training to prepare for them for the role and develop their leadership skills, as well as their presentation skills.

Office of Student Involvement (OSI)

Become an Active Member of a Student Organization | Click here for more information

Student organizations provide great opportunities to get involved in the community. Whether you are E-Board member or a general member, you can practice leadership by getting involved. It's also a great way to build community among your peers and find areas in which you are passionate. Student Organizations are supported by the Office of Student Life. 

Run for Student Government (Associated Students of UC Merced - ASUCM) | Click here for more information

ASUCM is here to ensure that all students of UC Merced are heard, manage bills and club funding, develop the new leaders of future generations, and improve overall student life. Student life can be found in all aspects, ranging from inside the classroom to the involvement in student organizations, and ASUCM is here to represent students in every step of the way. Let your voice be heard with the Associated Students of UC Merced! There are elected positions (positions in which you must run for office), as well as appointed positions (positions for which students are chosen by elected ASUCM leaders).

Community Service

Apply for the Yosemite Leadership Program Summer Internship | Click here for more information

YLP offers a dynamic, hands-on, 12-week summer experience living and working in Yosemite National Park. Interns gain valuable professional and personal skills working alongside National Park and Park partner professionals. The opportunities are incredibly diverse and can prove beneficial to students regardless of their area of academic interest. Students also participate in an environmental leadership seminar where they learn the basics of environmental awareness, stewardship and advocacy. This internship provides deeply impactful and life-changing experiences for students. It’s definitely an opportunity not to be missed. In addition to increasing their leadership skills, students are provided a stipend upon completion of the program.

CollegeCorps | Click here for more information

The #CaliforniansForAll CollegeCorps program is the first state-funded service opportunity for AB540 eligible Dreamers, helping to make college more affordable for thousands of California students by allowing them to receive up to $10,000 towards their education when they commit to serve for a year. CollegeCorps Fellows serve in one of three priority areas (K-12 Education, Climate Action, or Food Insecurity), and commit to serving 450 hours during the academic year to receive a $7,000 living stipend disbursed throughout the term and a $3,000 education award upon completion of 450 hours. Fellows are paid with host sites in the local community and are able to serve as leaders to create positive change through their projects. 

Community Engagement Center | Click here for more information

Getting involved in the community helps leaders define the impact they want to make in our world. Learn what you enjoy, what community issues you are passionate about by just diving in and trying different experiences until you find one that sticks. Leaders get involved in their community, even if they don't have an official title as a leader. Leaders also learn valuable leadership skills by getting involved. The UC Merced Community Engagement Center is the place to start to learn more about how to get engaged in the local community!

Lead at Your Job or in an Internship | Click here for more information

Not every job or internship provides leadership opportunities, but some do! Once you secure your internship or job, you may want to ask your supervisor if there are any opportunities to lead a small project or practice leadership skills on the job. Valuable skills such as prioritizing, effective communication, and problem-solving are essential to student professional development. The Student Career Center can help you find internship opportunities, help with your resume, and prepare you for interviews!