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Lift While You Lead End-of-Year Celebration Honors First Post-Pandemic Cohort of Mentors

May 5, 2023

For the first time since 2019, a full year of Lift While You Lead (LWYL) has successfully been completed! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was temporarily put on hold, but in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023, each semester had a complete cohort of mentors serving students at Golden Valley and Yosemite High Schools. In Fall 2020, 9 mentors served a total of 110 hours and in Spring 2023, 20 mentors served a total of 230 hours. During the academic year, these mentors served over 124 mentees. The year finished off strong with a celebration with the Lift While You Lead mentors, Margo Souza, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Engagement Brian O'Bruba, and LWYL Founder Ms. Annie Delgado. 

Testimonials from LWYL Mentors

What did you like about this program? 

"I loved being able to mentor students and seeing them being excited about us going"

"I liked working with my peers and being able to work with the students and hope to influence them in a positive way"

What did you gain as a volunteer? 

"I gained more confidence speaking in front of classrooms."

"I gained knowledge of other school systems and how other students are like in this new generation and what it takes to help people when needed"

What advice do you have for future LWYL volunteers?

"To relax, it can be stressful you just have to trust your teammates and follow the plans you make"

"Do it! You may be nervous and it may be scary to present to others but the difference you can make can be life changing."

Thank you to all of our mentors, staff, and Ms. Delgado for making the return of Lift While You Lead possible!