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Office of Leadership, Service and Career

BOLD: Black Students Organizing for Leadership & Development

The Souza Leadership Center is excited to announce BOLD!

BOLD is an interactive leader development program in which each workshop builds upon the others to create a universal understanding of leadership, unity, and advocacy from a global lense, but also with specific attention to the Black student community at UC Merced.

Program Dates: Wednesdays 3:30p - 4:30p  October 7, 14, 21, 28

BOLD creates a space to further develop students' capacity as leaders, empowering them to maintain their authenticity and increase their ability to contribute to unity and leadership at UC Merced and beyond. Students who identify as Black and/or within the African Diaspora are highly encouraged to register.

Questions?  Send  us an email!   

Session 1: Identity 

We will celebrate the beautiful diversity within the African Diaspora. We will discuss strategies for how one may navigate internal and external expectations, and systematic prejudice in order to remain authentically you. Leaders are originals, not copies. 

Session 2: Leadership 

We will explore the following questions: Why do you want to become a leader? Why do we need leadership in this World?  Why do we need leadership in the Black community? || We will also discuss skills necessary for great leadership & how leaders can promote unity and social change.

Session 3: Unity

We will begin with a review of the history of Black activism at UC Merced. We will learn the concept of Horizontal Hostility and how to both recognize it and address it. We will work together to define individual and shared values, as well as community expectations. Our special guests will share their perspectives on both the challenges and the rewards of unity within the Black community. Our greatest leaders were very much aware of the importance of unity to create social change.

Session 4: Advocacy 

We will define advocacy and the importance of action. We will review the various ways one can engage in leadership and advocacy. We will guide participants in identifying how they as individuals would like to engage in both leadership and advocacy in order to contribute to unity and social change at UC Merced and beyond. 

Meet our Special Guest Co-Faciliator!

BOLD will be co-facilitated by Jess Evora, Associate Director of the Souza Leadership Center, Cheyenne Tompkins, UC Merced Student Leader, and Lynette Void, UC Merced Student Leader.  And we're excited to have our guest facilitator Dr. Adrien Sebro from the University of Texas Austin!

Dr. Adrien Sebro, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Austin

Adrien Sebro scholarship's specializes in critical media studies at the intersections of television, film, comedy, gender, and African Diaspora studies. Dr. Sebro writes and teaches on U.S. Black television sitcoms, television history, filmmakers of the African Diaspora, and the media's role in initiating social change and activism. In the classroom, he aims to instruct his students on the roles, responsibilities, and powers (social and political) of media over time as a reflection of its temporal moment.

He is currently writing his first book manuscript, To Scratch and Survive: Hustle Economics, Gender Politics, and Creative Dissent at Tandem Productions, which explores a production history and the representation of racial identity formation in the all-Black cast sitcoms of Tandem Productions: Sanford and Son (1972-1977), Good Times (1974-1979), and The Jeffersons (1975-1985).

Dr. Sebro is a graduate of the UC system with both his B.A. and PhD. He received his Master's degree at Columbia University in New York City. 

Additional Special Guests!

  • Lorene Fisher, M.A., UC Merced Office of Social Justice Initiatives and Identity Programs | UC Merced
  • Devin Baldwin, Virtual and Augmented Reality & Emerging Technology | Oakland, CA
  • Helton Sanches, MSc, Financial Analyst and Founder of LinkingUs | Lisbon, Portugal
  • Leah Barros, California Lobbyist, influential in passing California's CROWN Act | Sacramento, CA
  • Check back as we may be announcing additional guests!

Do I need to attend all 4 sessions?

No. You may choose to register for one session, multiple sessions, or all. Those who attend all 4 sessions will receive an official Certificate of Completion from The Margo F. Souza Student Leadership Center, as well as assistance regarding how they may display this accomplishment on their resume. 

Program Dates: Wednesdays 3:30p - 4:30p  October 7, 14, 21, 28

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